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Free and unlimited access to the EUprolink database

  • Benefits for you
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  • Save time. You no longer need to spend precious time consulting various publication sources. We do it for you and we collect useful information in a simple Excel file available online. In the blink of an eye, you have access to hundreds of ​calls for tender and their main characteristics (country of execution, sector of activity, brief description of the market, contracting authority and deadline for application)
  • It's user-friendly. You have several entries: ranking of markets by country, by sector of activity, by contracting authority or by application deadline. You can also combine various entries to get a more targeted result. 
  • And now the best part : It is ​FREE !

Survey and alert

Do you wonder if â€‹there is a market for ​your organisation in the context of the EU external relation ? The survey and alert service answers ​that question​. We make a daily search based on your organisation’s profile​ and we alert you by email ​should a business opportunity match your professional field or geographic area of expertise.

  365 €/yearly

  • Benefits for you
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  • Save your time: we do the search for you;
  • Be ready: being informed at early stage gives you time to prepare for the competition;
  • Maximise your chance to win: we focus on funding opportunities which best match your profile and expertise.

Feasibility study 

​We found a competition matching your profile? Great! ​But before applying, ask yourself if you can actually apply (Is your organisation eligible?) And ​is it worth it? To help making an informed decision, we provide you with a detailed information relating to the specific competition’s ​conditions and ​requirements.

450 € / survey

  • Benefits for you
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  • Receiving detailed information regarding the competition and selection procedure (type of procedure, deadline for application, eligibility requirements, selection criteria, award criteria etc…);
  • Getting the full picture of the scope of a specific contract, including your financial and legal liability should you be awarded the contract, which entitles you to decide whether to compete or not.

Support to bids and proposals

Once you decide to apply, your next question is : where do I start? The European selection and award procedures can be complex and hard to understand for newcomers. They can be lengthy and costly too. Understanding these procedures maximises your chance to win the competition. supports your application process in the context of calls for proposals, calls for tenders, expressions of interests and other competitions.

Fee upon bid's profile

  • Benefits for you
  • our job
  • yOur job
  • Saving time and limiting your financial exposition by outsourcing the application process;
  • Receiving every support on strategy and writing by an expert of EU matters during the tendering phase enhances your chances of success:
  • Receiving feedback in case your application is unsuccessful which will help you progress.

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