3 free trainings to learn the basics on procurement award procedure in EU external action


Jun 17


Learn the basics on procurement award procedure in EU external action

The slowdown imposed on economic activity by the Covid 19 is an opportunity for everyone to train to acquire new skills (and if possible, doing it remotely to reduce carbon emissions).

With this in mind, I am pleased to announce the publication of training relating to the EU procurement and grant award procedure in the field development aid. These supports are available in French and in English, their access is free, unlimited and without engagement.

1. Introduction to the public contracts and subsidies in the EU external actions

2. Supplies contracts award procedures in the EU external actions

3. Service contracts in the EU external actions

These training deal with contracts awarded by the EU and its partners outside of the EU. They are designed for any candidate, be it a company, an association or a local authority who plans to apply for a European competition, therefore it explains the award procedures step by step, in a short and simple manner.

You are just one click away from your free training ! 

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About the Author

🇬🇧 Damien Boucard is a French entrepreneur, specialist in European public procurement. 🇫🇷 Damien Boucard est un entrepreneur français, spécialiste de la commande publique européenne.

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