About EUprolink


EUprolink helps small businesses, NGOs and local authorities seizing EU funds. EUprolink provides services ranging from funding survey and alert to feasibility study and application support, contract management and training.


Business owner : Damien Boucard is a French entrepreneur with expertise in European public procurement.


EUprolink aims at facilitating the access to EU funds to as many organisations as possible.


  • Result oriented: I bring you all support to maximise your chances to win.
  • Efficiency: I take on the red-tape, you focus on your job.
  • Confidentiality: Your information is safe with me! I handle your data according to EU Laws and Regulation. I do not sell nor share your data and use it strictly to find the competition matching your profile.
  • Equal treatment: I do not discriminate and give you the same level of attention no matter if your organisation is a company, an NGO or a local authority.
  • Trust: I build trust by working in close relationship with you. I also make sure that my services still meet your needs over time.


My mission is to help you seizing EU funds.