​ Seize ​EU ​funding opportunities!

How to become an EU contractor (with no sweat)

The EU spends billions of € financing projects accross the world each year ...

​Roughly 6% of ​EU budget is allocated to its external relations (about € 66.3 Billion between 2014 and 2020).

​This ​money is used to finance diverse ​development projects around the world.

For instance, these projects ​may aim at ​strengthening food security in Africa. They may also support communities affected by floods in Asia.  ​Or promote democracy and the rule of law in Central Europe. This is just to name a few. 

... New markets for your company to win as a EU contractor...

All these projects translate into growing markets for companies and funding opportunities for NGOs and local authorities. 

​The European Commission is proposing to increase the share of the EU external relations' budget to € 123 Billion for the years 2021 to 2027. This ​would translate into even more funding opportunities. Let us seize them !

... You want in ? Let us do the heavy lifting for you !

​Becoming an EU contractor is a great way to consolidate your organisation’s growth while strengthening your corporate identity and reaching new partnerships worldwide.

As a rule, EU funding is awarded following lengthy and complex competitions. Winning these competitions require not only enough resources but also solid know-how.  

​EUprolink.eu helps ​with finding the ​EU ​competition that best match ​your organisation's profile and supports you throughout the whole application process with the aim of maximizing your chances to win.

What we offer

Survey and alert
1. ready

We match your company's profile to EU funding opportunities 

  • We analyze your company's profile
  • We monitor EU funding opportunities for you
  • We notify you when we identify a close match
  • You are one step away to start your application
Feasibility study
2. steady

We give you a full understanding of the competition requirements

  • We provide you with strategic information to help you make the right decision
  • We tell you all about the selection procedure
  • You get all the details your need about the competition and you're all set to apply
Support to bids
3. GO

We lead you through the application process

  • We support you with the proposal or tender writing
  • We give your bid a distinct "EU flavour"
  • We save you time and money 
  • You have the edge over your competitors 

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